Rule #2 - Looks Are Important!

(February 19, 2016 )

How the home looks is a very close second to price. Making your home look the best it can will help you sell more quickly. I have gone into a lot of houses where the seller will say something along the lines of "We don’t really want to paint, we don’t want to do this, we don't want to do that". Most of them have been in been in the house for over 20 years and they haven’t painted. Putting it on the market without a fresh paint job is not going to help sell the place. Putting it on the market with a carpet that’s all stained is not going to help either.You don't have to completely renovate the house, in fact, I would tell you NOT to. However, you should consider completing regular updates that people would normally do over a period of 20 years. Make it look as good as possible with as little money as possible. Renovating your whole house to your tastes and style won't help if the buyer is just going to tear up the place for themselves. But if there are things that need to be done that fall under normal upkeep it’s probably a good idea to see to those first. The reason being that anything to do with general maintenance of the property that's not been looked after will give a lot of people a second thought of well "What else didn't they look after?"