Rule #3 - Marketing Makes a REALTOR®

(February 20, 2016 )

When it comes to your REALTOR®, you should also pay close attention to what they bring to the table. What kind of marketing are they prepared to do and also what is their reach? Is their reach just in Grand Forks? Is it all of British Columbia? Is it all of Canada?"In the Grand Forks Market, we’re looking at either about 20 to 30 per cent of Buyers from out of the area, so your REALTOR® should be aware of what the market is, who’s buying and what they can best do to suit their house to potential buyers.Advertising is a key component for selling any home. I consider myself a bit of an outlier for the area because I have a social media presence that is unmatched and am employing methods for advertising that can reach a younger audience who are beginning to purchase properties. My website and online presence exposes properties to the out of town Buyers that are searching online. I still advertise on the MLS and, but have a strong social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Outside of Canada I advertise on Print media is still part of my operation. I advertise in the Gazette and Commercial properties are advertised in Venture Connect. Sellers have a tendency to look at the Newspaper, they want to see that you’ve advertised, but buyers don’t. Buyers look on and they look on my website, so I think that’s really, really important these days. Your REALTOR® has to be on the web to effectively compete in today’s market.Another often overlooked aspect is email marketing. Any good REALTOR® will have set up a mailing list to keep followers abreast of new listings in the Grand Forks Area.Every house has a buyer for it, It’s all about what price are they going to offer and what price they find acceptable to them.